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Joseph’s New Hoe

One particular morning, Joseph was up earlier than usual. He figured that it had been some time since he and his wife had been intimate and perhaps she’d be in need of some good loving. He kissed her on Read more

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One particular morning, Joseph was up earlier than usual. He figured that it had been some time since he and his wife had been intimate and perhaps she’d be in need of some good loving. He kissed her on the neck with soft smooches as he rubbed his hand over her body.

Joseph wife was awake, but pretended to be in a deep sleep. After attempting to wake her for some time, Joseph gave up. The only thing left for Joseph was a cold shower. As he lathered his body from head to toe, his wife watched with delight. You see Joseph wife had something special planned for later that night. It was their anniversary.

By the time Joseph dried his body, dressed and walked into the kitchen, his wife was getting up.

“Good morning, hun,” she said with a smile on her face.

“Good morning,” he replied.

His wife noticed that something was on his mind, but she continued her morning routine of preparing his coffee and breakfast.

The wife stood looking at her husband and decided to strike up a conversation with him.

“How have the orders been going for the landscaping business?”

“It’s going good.” After a long pause, he said, “I guess people are pretty happy with the service they are getting. We are turning a decent profit now. All we have do is keep everyone happy so they’ll keep come back.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was his best friend Fred who always helped out with the delivery for the nursery on his days off.

“Come on in Fred. Grab you a cup of coffee before we get started.”

That was a welcome sound to Fred. As the two men sat and talked, Joseph’s wife went in the back to shower and get dressed. Before undressing she remembered that she’d left her tablet that contained the list of items that she would need for their anniversary in the kitchen. Joseph’s wife was shocked when she heard her husband talking to Fred.

“Man, I’m getting tired of that old hoe. There was a time when she could last all day. I would take one look at her and I couldn’t wait to put my hands on her. I felt like together we could get anything done. When I look at her now, I don’t get that same feeling of excitement. I know that I can’t pound her like I used to. She can’t handle all my strength and endurance. I’ve tried to put life back in her, but nothing seems to work. I take time and lube and rub her down before I start working her. Fred, I’ve tried everything. I guess that old hoe is worn out. What can I do?”

Joseph had a frustrated look on his face. He waited on Fred to offer some type of solution, but the only thing he could do was to scratch his head. He didn’t want to say the wrong thing and cause Joseph to make a decision that he’d later regret. After carefully considering the situation, he began speaking.

“Joe, sometime you have to let go of an old hoe and get yourself a new one. You’ve been faithful to that ole hoe and to tell you the truth, I think you should have replaced her a long time ago. I know that she’s been helping you bring in a nice profit, but a new one will bring in an even greater one. ”

Joseph looked at Fred and said, “Yeah, you’re right. With all the time and effort I’ve put into this old hoe, I might as well get a new one. No matter what I do, she’s not going to get any better. I’ll start looking around for a new one today.”

“This is a good time to start looking. You know how you are Joe; you hate letting go of the old. Walk away from her and don’t look back. Like you said, you can’t make her get any better. She’s too old and worn.”

“You right Fred. I become content because when I make a choice I like sticking with it. That hoe is all worn out. She was pretty worn when I first got her, so I’m lucky she lasted this long.”

“I ain’t talking about your hoe, but you’re right.” The two men laugh and talked about the old hoe relentlessly.

“Come on Fred; let’s figure out the best place to find a new hoe.”

Joseph slapped Fred on the back and said, “Let’s go my friend. We gotta new hoe to find. After the men had gone, Joseph wife sat at the kitchen table and wept.

“I gave him the best fifteen years of my life. How could he say such things about me?” Joseph wife stop crying and decided that since she was being replaced there was no need to stick around. She packed a few things and left a note for her husband.

Dear Joseph,

As you know, I was a virgin when you met me. I was full of life, dependable and wasn’t worn. Just like you, I wanted to put my hands on you and work your over. I never knew that it bothered you when lubing me down. I thought it was something you enjoyed. Joseph, I did what I had to do. If it wasn’t for me becoming a whore, we would have never made a profit. I hope that you have luck in finding your new whore.

P.S. I hope Fred enjoys your new whore as much as he enjoyed your old whore.

With love,

Old Whore Gone

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